BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 8″ Amplified Subwoofer 320-Watts

Price: $139.95 - $124.95
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An In-Depth Review of the BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 8" Amplified Subwoofer 320-Watts: Exceptional Sound With a Few Caveats

When it comes to bolstering your car’s audio system, the BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 8" Amplified Subwoofer 320-Watts stands out as an enticing option. As an SEO expert, it’s essential for me to present a thorough and unbiased review to help potential buyers make an informed decision. From its dynamic sound output to its easy installation, this subwoofer offers a range of advantages and a few downsides worth noting.

Overview: The BLAUPUNKT Legacy

BLAUPUNKT has long been a trusted name in the audio industry, known for delivering high-fidelity sound and durable products. The GTHS81 maintains this legacy, offering car enthusiasts an amplified subwoofer that aims to enhance their driving experience.

The Good: Why This Subwoofer Stands Out

Exceptional Sound Quality

One of the standout features of the BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 is its sound quality. The 8-inch subwoofer, paired with a powerful built-in amplifier delivering 320 watts, ensures a rich, deep bass that enhances any musical genre. Whether you enjoy rock, hip-hop, or classical music, this subwoofer will make your tunes come alive.

Built-In Amplifier

Unlike many subwoofers that require an external amplifier, the GTHS81 comes with a built-in amplifier, making the installation process considerably more straightforward. This feature also means you get a more compact setup without sacrificing sound quality.

Ease of Installation

Thanks to its integrated amplifier and comprehensive instruction manual, installing the BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 is a hassle-free process. Even for those less mechanically inclined, the straightforward setup is a major advantage.

Compact Design

Despite its powerful performance, the subwoofer maintains a compact design, making it suitable for smaller vehicles where space might be a constraint. Its sleek design ensures it doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of your car’s interior.


Constructed from high-quality materials, this subwoofer is built to last. Given BLAUPUNKT’s reputation for durability, it’s no surprise that the GTHS81 can withstand the rigors of daily use.

The Bad: What Could Be Improved

Limited Frequency Range

While the GTHS81 excels in producing deep bass, its frequency range is somewhat limited compared to higher-end subwoofers. Audiophiles looking for a broader range might find this subwoofer falling short in capturing the full audio spectrum.

Cooling Issues

Some users have reported overheating issues during extended use at high volumes. Though not a deal-breaker for many, it’s an aspect worth noting for those who enjoy long drives with the music turned up.

Price Point

While reasonably priced for its features, there are cheaper alternatives on the market that provide similar sound quality. Budget-conscious shoppers might find the GTHS81 a bit on the expensive side.


For Whom Is This Subwoofer Best?

The BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 is ideal for car enthusiasts looking for a significant upgrade in their audio system without undergoing a complicated installation process. It’s perfect for those who appreciate high-quality bass and value a compact, yet powerful, subwoofer.

Installation Tips

To avoid overheating, ensure that the subwoofer is installed in a location that allows for adequate ventilation. Additionally, following the manufacturer’s guidelines for wiring and setup will help maximize its performance.

Alternatives to Consider

If bass isn’t your sole focus, or if you’re concerned about the frequency range, consider looking at other subwoofers in the market that offer a broader range. Brands like Rockford Fosgate and Kicker provide alternative options that might align better with audiophiles’ needs.

Dynamic FAQs About BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 8" Amplified Subwoofer 320-Watts

1. Is the BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 suitable for all car types?

Yes, due to its compact design, the BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 is compatible with a wide range of vehicle types, including smaller cars where space might be an issue.

2. How difficult is the installation process?

The installation is relatively straightforward, thanks to the built-in amplifier and the provided instruction manual. Even those with minimal technical skills should find it manageable.

3. Can the subwoofer handle high volumes for extended periods?

While the subwoofer excels at high volumes, users have reported occasional overheating issues during extended use. Proper ventilation can help mitigate this concern.

4. Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, the BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Verify the specifics with your retailer to ensure you understand the terms and conditions.

5. Is this subwoofer a good value for the price?

Considering its sound quality, ease of installation, and durability, the BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 offers good value. However, there are cheaper alternatives available that provide similar features, so it’s worth weighing your options based on your budget and specific needs.

In conclusion, the BLAUPUNKT GTHS81 8" Amplified Subwoofer 320-Watts is a robust and versatile addition to any car audio system. While it has a few drawbacks, its advantages far outweigh them, making it a worthwhile investment for those looking to elevate their in-car audio experience.

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