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BOSS Audio Systems CH6520B Chaos Series: In-Depth Review and Recommendations

When it comes to upgrading your car’s audio system, selecting the right speakers is critical for achieving superior sound quality. The BOSS Audio Systems CH6520B Chaos Series 6.5 Inch Car Stereo stands out in an increasingly crowded market. As a specialist in search engine optimization and car audio products, I aim to provide an expert, comprehensive review to help you make an informed decision.

Overview of BOSS Audio Systems CH6520B Chaos Series

The BOSS CH6520B Chaos Series 6.5-inch car speakers are designed for those looking for an affordable yet powerful upgrade to their car’s stereo system. With a price point that won’t break the bank, these speakers offer remarkable specifications, such as:

  • Power Handling: 300 Watts MAX Power
  • Frequency Response: 100 Hz-18 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Polyurethane Cone and Rubber Surround

The Good: Why the CH6520B Chaos Series Stands Out

Impressive Power Handling

One of the standout features is the 300 Watts MAX power handling capability. This wattage ensures that the speakers can handle a wide range of audio quality, from subtle nuances in classical music to booming bass in hip-hop tracks.

High Sensitivity

With a sensitivity rating of 90 dB, these speakers are highly efficient at converting power into audible sound. This translates into higher volume output without requiring excessive power, making it easier on your car’s battery.


The use of polypropylene cones and rubber surrounds lends durability to the speakers. This robust construction will endure prolonged exposure to varying car interior conditions, ensuring longevity.

Lightweight Design

Weighing approximately 3.8 pounds, the BOSS CH6520B does not add significant weight to your car, which can be particularly beneficial for performance-focused vehicles.

The Bad: Limitations to Consider

Limited Frequency Range

With a frequency response range from 100 Hz to 18 kHz, the speakers may not capture the lowest bass frequencies or the highest treble notes. If you are an audiophile looking for the full spectrum of sound, you might need an additional subwoofer.

Basic Build Quality

While durable, the materials used are relatively standard and might not offer the same premium feel as higher-end alternatives. This is an important consideration if aesthetics and build quality are significant criteria in your decision.

Installation Complexity

While most users find the installation process straightforward, the lack of comprehensive instructions can pose challenges for those new to car speaker setups. Be prepared to consult online resources or professional assistance if necessary.


Complementing Your Sound System

Given the limited frequency response, pairing these speakers with a dedicated subwoofer can significantly enhance your car audio setup. This combination will offer a fuller range of sound, compensating for the lower bass frequencies that the CH6520B cannot reproduce.

Utilizing an Amplifier

To unleash the full potential of these speakers, consider using an amplifier. An external amp will ensure the speakers get adequate power, elevating the audio experience with better clarity and volume.

Professional Installation

If you are not confident in your DIY skills, opt for professional installation. While it adds to the initial cost, proper installation will ensure that the speakers operate at their best and integrate seamlessly with your existing car audio system.


The BOSS Audio Systems CH6520B Chaos Series offers an excellent blend of affordability, decent performance, and durability. While it has some limitations, particularly in frequency range and installation complexity, these can be mitigated with appropriate complementary equipment and professional help. For an entry-level car audio upgrade, these speakers are a solid choice.


1. What is the power handling capacity of the BOSS CH6520B speakers?

The BOSS CH6520B Chaos Series speakers can handle up to 300 Watts of MAX power, making them capable of delivering high-quality audio at substantial volumes.

2. Do these speakers come with installation hardware?

Yes, the BOSS CH6520B Chaos Series speakers typically come with necessary installation hardware, but the manual may lack comprehensive instructions.

3. How is the durability of these speakers?

These speakers feature polypropylene cones and rubber surrounds, offering good durability and the ability to withstand varying car interior conditions.

4. Do I need an additional amplifier for these speakers?

While not mandatory, using an amplifier can greatly enhance the sound quality and volume, making the most out of the speaker’s capabilities.

5. Are these speakers suitable for all car models?

The 6.5-inch size and standard 4-ohm impedance make them compatible with most car models. However, always double-check the dimensions and specifications of your existing speaker slots for a proper fit.

By considering these factors, potential buyers can make an informed decision, ensuring that the BOSS Audio Systems CH6520B Chaos Series speakers meet their specific needs and preferences.

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