Deaf Bonce Pair of 6.5″ Midrange Speakers 600W 4ohm Apocalyp…

Price: $399.90
(as of May 02, 2024 09:11:46 UTC – Details)

Deaf Bonce Pair of 6.5″ Midrange Speakers 600W 4ohm Apocalypse series are a high-quality set of midrange speakers designed to deliver powerful and crystal-clear sound in your car audio system. These speakers are built to impress with their sleek design, durable construction, and impressive performance.

One of the greatest strengths of these speakers is their power handling capacity. With a peak power of 600W and a continuous power rating of 300W, these speakers can handle high volumes and provide clear and distortion-free sound even at loud levels. The 4ohm impedance also ensures compatibility with a wide range of car audio systems.

The midrange drivers of the Deaf Bonce Apocalypse series are made with premium materials, including a rigid cone and surround that help to minimize distortion and produce accurate and detailed sound. The speakers also feature a high-quality magnet structure and voice coil for improved efficiency and longevity.

In terms of installation, these speakers are relatively easy to mount in most car audio setups. The compact size of the 6.5″ drivers makes them versatile for use in various configurations, and the included mounting hardware simplifies the installation process.

However, some users have reported that these speakers may lack a bit of depth in the lower frequencies compared to larger or specialized subwoofers. This is a common limitation of midrange speakers, and for those seeking a more robust bass response, adding a dedicated subwoofer to the system would be recommended.

Overall, the Deaf Bonce Pair of 6.5″ Midrange Speakers 600W 4ohm Apocalypse series are an excellent choice for car audio enthusiasts looking for a powerful and high-quality midrange speaker solution. With their impressive power handling, durable construction, and clear sound reproduction, these speakers are sure to enhance your driving experience.


1. Are these speakers compatible with all car audio systems?
Yes, these speakers have a 4ohm impedance which is compatible with most car audio systems.

2. Can these speakers handle high volumes without distortion?
Yes, these speakers have a peak power rating of 600W and can deliver clear sound even at loud levels.

3. Do these speakers come with mounting hardware?
Yes, these speakers come with all necessary mounting hardware for easy installation.

4. How do these speakers perform in terms of sound quality?
These speakers are designed to produce accurate and detailed sound with minimal distortion.

5. Can these speakers be used without a subwoofer?
While these speakers provide great midrange sound, adding a dedicated subwoofer would enhance the overall bass response.

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