DS18 PRO-ZXI6.4BM 6.5″ Pro Audio Midrange Loudspeaker with B…

Price: $128.54 - $119.99
(as of May 04, 2024 18:53:05 UTC – Details)

DS18 PRO-ZXI6.4BM 6.5″ Pro Audio Midrange Loudspeaker is a powerful and high-quality midrange speaker designed to deliver clear and crisp sound in your car audio system. This speaker is part of DS18’s Pro-ZXD Series, known for their exceptional sound quality and durability.

One of the standout features of the PRO-ZXI6.4BM is its size. At 6.5 inches, this midrange speaker can fit easily into most vehicles without taking up too much space, making it a versatile option for car audio enthusiasts. Additionally, the speaker is constructed with high-quality materials, including a sturdy basket and a reinforced paper cone, ensuring long-lasting performance.

In terms of sound quality, the PRO-ZXI6.4BM does not disappoint. With a maximum power handling of 400 watts and a sensitivity of 97dB, this speaker can produce loud and clear sound even at high volumes. The midrange frequencies are well-balanced, providing a rich and dynamic listening experience.

However, there are a few downsides to consider. Some users have reported that the installation process can be a bit challenging, especially for those who are not experienced with car audio systems. Additionally, the speaker may require additional tuning to achieve the best sound quality, which can be time-consuming.

Overall, the DS18 PRO-ZXI6.4BM 6.5″ Pro Audio Midrange Loudspeaker is a solid choice for car audio enthusiasts looking for a powerful and high-quality midrange speaker. With its compact size, durable construction, and impressive sound quality, this speaker is sure to enhance your listening experience on the road.

1. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully during installation to avoid any damage to the speaker.
2. Consider tuning your audio system to optimize the performance of the PRO-ZXI6.4BM.
3. Pair this midrange speaker with high-quality tweeters and subwoofers for a complete audio setup.

1. What is the maximum power handling of the DS18 PRO-ZXI6.4BM?
– The maximum power handling of this speaker is 400 watts.

2. What is the sensitivity of the PRO-ZXI6.4BM?
– The sensitivity of this speaker is 97dB.

3. What size is the DS18 PRO-ZXI6.4BM?
– This midrange speaker is 6.5 inches in size.

4. What materials is the PRO-ZXI6.4BM constructed with?
– The speaker features a sturdy basket and a reinforced paper cone for durability.

5. Is the installation process difficult for the PRO-ZXI6.4BM?
– Some users may find the installation process challenging, especially if they are not experienced with car audio systems.

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