Electro-Voice ELX200-18SP 18″ 1200W Powered Subwoofer and ZL…

Price: $1,069.00
(as of May 11, 2024 17:25:20 UTC – Details)

The Electro-Voice ELX200-18SP is a high-powered subwoofer designed to deliver deep, rich bass in a compact and portable package. With a 1200W Class-D amplifier and an 18″ woofer, this subwoofer is capable of filling any venue with powerful, clear bass.

One of the standout features of the ELX200-18SP is its built-in DSP with presets for various music styles, allowing you to easily tailor the sound to suit your performance. The subwoofer also features a 3-band EQ for further customization, as well as a convenient one-touch cardioid mode for easy setup in directional applications.

In terms of build quality, the ELX200-18SP is crafted from rugged wood composite with a durable EVCoat finish, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of live performance. The subwoofer also features a robust grille and ergonomic handles for easy transport.

One potential downside of the ELX200-18SP is its weight, as it comes in at around 80 pounds. This may be a consideration for those who need to transport the subwoofer frequently. Additionally, some users have reported issues with the power cable connection, so it’s important to ensure a secure connection to avoid any interruptions during your performance.

Overall, the Electro-Voice ELX200-18SP is a powerful and versatile subwoofer that is well-suited for live performances, DJs, and musicians looking to add impactful bass to their sound. With its customizable DSP settings, durable construction, and impressive sound quality, this subwoofer is a solid choice for those in need of reliable low-end reinforcement.


1. Is the Electro-Voice ELX200-18SP easy to transport?
Yes, the subwoofer features ergonomic handles for easy carrying, but it is on the heavier side at around 80 pounds.

2. Can I customize the sound of the ELX200-18SP?
Yes, the subwoofer comes with built-in DSP presets and a 3-band EQ for easy customization of the sound.

3. What is the power output of the ELX200-18SP?
The subwoofer features a powerful 1200W Class-D amplifier for impressive sound performance.

4. Does the ELX200-18SP come with a warranty?
Electro-Voice offers a limited warranty on their products, including the ELX200-18SP. Be sure to check the warranty terms before purchasing.

5. Is the ELX200-18SP suitable for outdoor events?
While the subwoofer is designed for live performances, it may not be ideal for outdoor events where weather conditions can impact its performance. Be sure to protect the subwoofer from the elements if using it outside.

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