Mackie Thump118S 18 inch 1400W Powered Subwoofer Bundle with…

Price: $849.99
(as of May 01, 2024 09:45:18 UTC – Details)

The Mackie Thump18S 18 inch 1400W Powered Subwoofer Bundle is a powerful and versatile audio equipment for those looking to enhance their sound system with deep, punchy bass. This subwoofer is perfect for DJs, musicians, and party hosts who want to elevate their audio experience to the next level.

One of the standout features of the Mackie Thump18S is its powerful 1400W amplifier, which delivers tight and thunderous bass that can fill large venues and outdoor spaces with ease. The 18 inch woofer produces deep and clear bass tones, making it perfect for complementing any sound system.

In terms of design, the Mackie Thump18S is built to be durable and reliable for long-term use. The rugged enclosure is made of sturdy wood and features reinforced metal corners to protect the subwoofer from bumps and scratches. The subwoofer also has a built-in pole mount, making it easy to set up and position for optimal sound coverage.

The subwoofer bundle includes a telescoping pole for mounting the subwoofer, as well as a high-quality XLR cable for connecting it to your audio system. This bundle offers great value for anyone looking to add a powerful subwoofer to their sound setup.

However, some users have noted that the Mackie Thump18S is on the heavier side, which can be a drawback for those who need to transport it frequently. Additionally, some users have reported that the subwoofer can be prone to distortion at higher volume levels.

Overall, the Mackie Thump18S 18 inch 1400W Powered Subwoofer Bundle is a great investment for anyone looking to add deep, powerful bass to their sound system. With its impressive power output and durable construction, this subwoofer is sure to enhance your audio experience.


1. Can the Mackie Thump18S be used for outdoor events?
Yes, the Mackie Thump18S is powerful enough to fill outdoor spaces with deep, clear bass.

2. Does the subwoofer bundle include all necessary cables for setup?
Yes, the bundle includes a high-quality XLR cable for connecting the subwoofer to your audio system.

3. How heavy is the Mackie Thump18S subwoofer?
The subwoofer weighs around 71 pounds, so it is on the heavier side.

4. Can the subwoofer be mounted on a pole?
Yes, the Mackie Thump18S has a built-in pole mount for easy setup and positioning.

5. Does the Mackie Thump18S come with a warranty?
Yes, the subwoofer comes with a manufacturer’s warranty to protect against any defects or malfunctions.

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